Candle FlashLight
MVLTR - Oct 21, 2017


It is a combination of candle application and Flash light application.
It is unique application in android market.
Candle Flash light gives a feel of Real candle with you.
Candle Flashlight lets you have Candle light dinners with your Loved Ones.
When you turn ON candle, it produce light through Flash light.
We use phone camera light as Flashlight.
You can see burning candle on phone touch screen, it produce light through flashlight.
Dont forget this candle flashlight with you.
If you are in dark place this flashlight is very helpful to you.
We use your phone led light a flashlight.
It is brightest flash light it shows, way to reach your destination in dark place.

Light up your day with Real Candle, the best way to show your fiery support when you're not carrying a candle in your pocket. Which is probably most of the time.
Displays a real burning candle on your Android device.


• Touch the candle to Turn it OFF.
• Long touch the candle to Turn it ON again.
• Toggle blow detection settings in the application , so that you can blow your candle to Turn it OFF.
• Toggle Shake option to turn Candle OFF with a shake to your device.
A very fun application when you are with your loved ones.

• Flash light automatically Turn ON when candle turn it ON.
• Flash light automatically Turn OFF when candle turn it OFF.
• Flash light and Candle depend one on another.
• It works as a brightest flash light.
• It works as a Real candle.

Candle flashlight is completely free application for you.
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Current Version
Requires Android
Oct 21, 2017
Android 4.0.3 or higher

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