Candy Cookies: Sweet Jam Smash
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Yummy! So delicious! Candy Cookies: Sweet Smash is new & hot match 3 game on the boosted board! Play Now! Free!

Accidentally you run into an amazing secret garden made of tasty cake, jam, jelly and ice cream. Roaming in this secret garden, you found a big mansion where many animal friends are trapped: Gummy Bear, Sugar Panda, Noisy Mouse, Hopping Rabbit. You must rescue them! But how? No way if you cannot even pass these match-3 puzzles. Hop in the bakery, blast the ice blocks, donuts, pudding that is in your way! Push your way through hundreds of sweet match-3 challenges by concocting scrumptious candy combos!

Candy Cookies: Sweet Smash is very easy and intuitive to play
* Swap and match 3 candies & cookies with same color in a line.
* Bombs are of colors and can be matched with normal candies. Super bomb can be matched with candies with any color.
* 4 candies & cookies in a line creates a line bomb which can eliminate a whole line.
* 4 candies & cookies in a rectangle shape creates a bee, which will destroy an obstacle.
* 5 candies & cookies in a line creates a super bomb. Swap it with any candy of a color and it will eliminate all candies of that color on the table.
* Candies in T shape creates a windmill bomb, which will eliminate all candies nearby.

* More than 150 levels for you to play. Some of them may be very challenging. Take it easy, don’t feel frustrated if you cannot pass them in a few tries.
* Deliciously sweet supply of power-ups and combos. More than 10 combos! Concocting colorful bombs to sweep and crunch.
* Fun modes of playing! Pet rescue, gummy bear frozen in ice, hopping rabbit going upward, donuts, chocolates, etc.
* Splendid graphics and melodious music, beautifully crafted UI design, intuitive operation.
* Watch videos to get free diamonds. Diamonds could be used to buy lollipop and ice cream props, which can boost your game speed greatly.
* Explore the juicy and soda like dream world with candies & cakes.
* Connect to Facebook and watch your friends and competitors’ progress.
* Share pictures via Facebook and invite your friends to join this dreamy adventure!
* Give before you take! Send hearts to your friends and receive from them later!

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Current Version
Requires Android
Jul 15, 2017
Android 4.0.3 or higher

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