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winkypinky - Jan 12, 2018
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In your candy factory, you work by the rules and to have a major successful rate you follow some simple steps: cooking the sweets, handling the covers and matching the box design to the whole picture. There are some important rules to follow and different stages that need a special type of attention and dedication, make sure you get through all successfully and look at the instructions so you won’t destroy anything. Do you believe your cooking skills are way above this recipe? Well, try to follow each step and use the asked technique to see how you could succeed in doing these sweets. The thing that stops you from succeeding is the part where you actually start your work and follow the instructions. Grab a bowl and keep putting the ingredients in. Once you have mixed them all together you will have to put the composition in a pan to be fried. We all know that candies are mostly made of sugar that is why is needed this step. Then when the mixture is all melted you will place in a specially shaped tray the sticks and the composition of the candy. Place them in the freezer oven and wait until they will be ready to be packed. All you have to do now is to decorate that delicious piece of heaven you have. Next comes the part where you choose the cover you like the most. Take the shape that fits the lollipop and put on beautiful details like stars or yummy sprinkles.

Don't miss any of these cool features this game will show you for sure:
- Create impressive design for a delicious piece of joy
- Multitude of accessories to decorate a tasty candy
- Play with textures and merge it with the theme
- Opportunity to make a lollipop from scratch
- Great opportunity to use a procedure that comes with a set of instructions
- Be a professional cooker and a designer too
- Great accessories to add to the cover and the box of the candy
- Learn the art of cooking
- Free and easy to play
- Experience a wonderful gameplay
- Entertaining background sounds and pretty cool graphics

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Jan 12, 2018
Android 2.3 or higher

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