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Racing Games Studio - Feb 19, 2018
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Car racing pro is a free game that you just cannot stop playing. With its excellent graphics, several levels, this racing game is a challenge. Gear up and be ready to face the challenge by playing this super-fast match. You better have some tricks up your sleeve because this challenge will take you on a fast ride.

What are its amazing features?
Download this car racing game to know how cars work. You can power up your car or tilt it. Your car will be under your control completely. It is the ultimate racing that car lovers will love playing.
• The best thing about this race is that, you can download it for free! If you are someone who is in love with driving games, fast cars, super racing then you are all set in for Car Racing Pro.
• It ensures great speed and has simple and effective controls. It is easy to get the hang of it.
• It has cool music and easy sound control which will enhance your race.
• There are beautiful cars and the HD graphics are perfect for making the car experience even better.
• You can save your top 10 high scores and also pause during the race.

Game Play:
• Start the race and tilt your phone, then steer to the left or right to avoid any car from bashing with you.
• If you believe your skill, only tilt your car and racing with other vehicles.
• Speed up using the speed buttons.
Permission required:
• Keep the phone from sleeping and ensure that you have permission to save your cars profile data.
• Wi-Fi connection used to send your scores to the leaderboard server.

These are a couple of tips that you should remember:
• Download this racing game today for free.
• If you like this car racing game, please send us your feedback and suggestions if any. Don’t forget to rate us.

Why play this?
Car racing games are matches which everyone enjoys playing. There is no age limit to it because it is really simple to play for girls and kids. There are no complex rules to be remembered. These driving games take the players to a virtual reality where they can drive cars at their own speed with customizations. On playing this, you will get the realistic feel of being in a car and driving one as you accelerate and move forward with the simple controls. It is an amazing feeling to drive a supercar leaving behind all your opponents.
With racing games, you can be safe and sound but live the moment at the same time. The 2D graphics account for the excellent quality which motivates the player to win the race. Moreover, it helps you focus your concentration and energy on the race and that helps in improving concentration powers. Put your seat belts on and be ready to get immersed in the world of action and fun. Drift your car, tilt your car and basically do anything to get the first spot! Send your scores to the leaderboard to be the champ.

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Feb 19, 2018
Android 2.2 or higher

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