CarBoy - May 14, 2018


Online car service in place
Carboy, do the service of a car and NANO carousel service safer for you, more cost-effective and easier than ever. Our professional experts and carwash specialists are responsible for the good of your car. To do this, it's just enough to refer to the carboy software, choose the time, place, and type of service that you want to pick up so our car boys will be able to attend you to do your service at home, at work, or anywhere else at earliest convenience. Our periodic services include oil change, break pads replacement and vehicle filters. By the Use of Periodic service, you no longer have to worry about forgetting the time of your oil change, filtering and car break pads. Because the carboy will remind you of all these services.
Car Boy eco-friendly
By using a variety of carboys services, you will drive not only differently, but also respect the environment. Our carwash forces, using the latest NANO technology, will make your car brighter and more beautiful than ever before without dripping water. By using Carboy You will not be lagging in carwash line and do not pay bonus, and most importantly, your car body will be safe from the damage caused by traditional and automatic car wash.

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Requires Android
May 14, 2018
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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