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CardBattle Thre..

CardBattle Thre..

kobadroid - September 12,2014

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The concept is simple game of 'Three Kingdoms'.

Exciting card battle game is performed in 'Card Battle Three Kingdoms'!
Have a taste of the Three Kingdoms in the world in a short time away, such is right for you.

Please try First Free Edition.

[The feature]
- choose The kingdom of one of Wei, Wu and Shu(Scenario 4 is selected from 12 states). The goal is to conquer all over the country.
- Every turn, a new commander joins in army. more than 200 commanders.
- There are 4 scenarios.

[Victory condition of card battle]
Card battle competes for the size of [Power].
0 is weakest and 9 is strongest.

When a battle starts, [Luck] and [soldiers] are assigned.
first offensive is player.
Therefore draw first card automatically.

when card drawn, [Power] are recalculated automatically, and [Soldiers] to 1 decreases.
card draw limit is number of soldiers.(or limit 5)
card with a number is normal card. card without numbers is special card.

card draw until [Power] will be a good number exactly while seeing the rest of [Soldiers].
Power is decided by [Charge] at the end. An enemy draws a card next. Then, it determines the winner.

required Android version: 1.6

Recent changes:
[Normal Edition][Free Edition]
- Residual commander of the defeated nation, the state moves to win.
- Bug fix: Cao Zhang and Cao Pi, appeared too soon.

Content rating: Everyone

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  • UpdatedSeptember 12,2014
  • Size2.12MB
  • Downloads543
  • Current Version1.3.3
  • Requires AndroidAndroid 1.6 or higher