Cars Mods for Minecraft PE
Mod Developer for MCPE - Mar 14, 2018


Cars Mods for Minecraft PE machines is an application with different models of vehicles. Minecraft mods for cars includes - add-ons for sports car, jeep, lamborghini, sports mustang and sports police car!

Pros of your car in survival mode:

+ You always have transportation instead of a horse - fast, reliable and modern, requires less maintenance;
+ Big capacity of the trunk - you can always put a lot of luggage on the trek, both resources and things. Gold, diamonds, things for crafting and weapons. And if crafting is in full swing, but there is not enough room, put everything in the trunk - convenient and practical.
+ High speed - quickly escape from the threat of creeper, zombies and other dangers in block game form;
+ Aesthetic beauty - a beautiful and sporty car will always delight you and your friends.

Also mod on cars can be installed along with an interesting map:

- On the sports car you can go on a map with a big city or on a racing track;
- On a jeep you can cross country roads, off-road, desert maps and villages;
- With a police car, you can always feel like a guardian of the law especially if you play with a friend on the server.

Disclaimer: This is an unofficial app for Minecraft Pocket Edition. All rights reserved in accordance with
This application is not associated in any way with Mojang AB.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Mar 14, 2018
Android 4.0 or higher

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