PayMet Ltd. - Jul 12, 2017


CEPSA and PayMet have revolutionised the way to pay for fuel and purchases at service stations.

You'll be able to control and manage the process of refuelling from your Smartphone, never having to leave your vehicle or having to go to the checkout.

Select and open the pump from the App, configure the type of fuel, amount and charge it to any of the bank cards you have linked to the App, and even receive the invoice automatically via e-mail.

With CEPSA Pay you'll also be able to pay for purchases made in CESPA shops with your Smartphone and get discounts and gifts just for using our App.

Our aim is to ensure you have an innovative and optimum purchasing experience at CEPSA service stations.


- Download the FREE App, complete the registration form*(1) and enter your bank card

- Create your PassCode, a 4 digit code which you'll be asked to enter only when an operation is carried out with your chosen means of payment. If you have prepaid credit on the App this will not be necessary.

- Start paying for your fuel via your mobile phone with your selected card or means of payment.

*(1) When registering on the App you'll create a PayMet payment account, PayMet is an ISO-MSP certified company and is responsible for managing means of payment securely under PCI-DSS industry standards. This way, all your card information and operations are processed with full guarantees, ensuring the best shopping experience.


- Park your vehicle adjacent to the pump you wish to refuel from.

- Open the App and press the pump button.

- Make sure you're at the service station displayed on the map.

- Select the pump number you're adjacent to. Confirm that the correct number appears on sticker on the selected pump.

- Choose the fuel type.

- Enter the amount and you're ready to go!

- Unhook that fuel hose you have previously selected in the App and refuel.

- Replace the hose and you're free to leave, you'll automatically receive a receip

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Current Version
Requires Android
Jul 12, 2017
Android 4.0.3 or higher

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