Chained Bike Highway Race
Super Soft Inc. - Apr 17, 2018


Chained Bike Highway Race!
An amazing bike racing game, new concept, fresh graphics and totally unseen game play style. Crazy stunts and bike riding action sequences in the chained bike highway race are the main lucrative elements. A whole lot of fun with the new chain bike, an action based driving simulation, notorious bike riding. Bikes Racing in 3D graphics simulator is a top notch racing rider.
Rival and the chained bike highway race hero are attached with one chain. Reach the end line of racing track before speedy enemy without breaking the chain. This bound race is hell of a fun with the ultimate graphics and great sound effects.
Ultimate tangling around the obstacles, make your enemy fall off the vehicle before the chain breaks and disqualify them. Accelerate furiously and you’ll break the chain resulting failing the racing mission. Chain break is equal to mission disaster in the chained bike highway race. Classic road block highway controlled race by powerful mafia of illegal racing on streets. Urban street & city environment, filled with blast effects after hitting with the obstacles. Chained stunts with rival bike, stunning environment vehicle simulation and motorbike next level perfect driving simulation, all these attributes combine to make the chained bike highway race an exemplary bike riding stunning simulation of the 2018.
It’s no luxury riding game, a battle of on road vehicles is controlled by the street gangs of racing. Reach the Destination with the amazing acceleration, destructive driving, reckless stunts and wrecking display of furious driving skills.

Chained Bike highway race special features:

• Perfect stunt adventure environment for master driving and chained bike adventures
• True motorbike adventure, Ultimate fun on wheels, motorbikes of all kinds
• Powerful acceleration and speed racing game.
• Dangerous tracks full of deadly obstacles, drive with care.

Chained Bike Highway Race is the free game at the Google Play Store. Download your free copy right now and start enjoying the challenging stunt courses with chained bikes. Use feedback through the commenting and reviews and help us make this game even greater.

No other constraint bike and stunt game can match the Chained Bike Highway Race. Ramp jump stunts, dangerous parking among hard obstacles will put both bikers in paired bike duo stunt rivals. Different conditions for reach race in the chained bike highway race will make you a better racer on off road tracks.
Like Extreme motorbike racer, make stunts possible with the speed and precision, best bike handling, impeccable grip over the handle, & never breaking nerves of a hard earned racing respect from the community. Classic adventures of this sort needs the courage of a wild lion. Pull off the most dangerous moves and win it for everybody.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Apr 17, 2018
Android 4.0 or higher

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