Chained Car Stunts Driver Racing
Big Bull: 3D Simulator Games - Oct 20, 2017


Chained car is an extreme sports car racing game with dangerous offroad tracks. The city car racing is a great stunts game with sports car and crazy taxi game where you have to make sure while going downhill there should be no damage done to the chained cars.

Chained Car Stunts Driver Racing is a top app 2017 in the impossible crash drive and racing games. Get ready and fasten your seat belt because you are about to start an interesting and dangerous uphill rush on the offroad racing track of the hills, into the snow and in the dessert where you will find a lot of barriers and damage your car.

Drive your crazy chained car and enjoy beaming drives but dont break chain of the superb chain cars. Keep a deeper hand on the car gear to control the speed and don’t go forward or backward from the chained car.


Start the crash drive with a superb engine simulator fit in the extreme sports car like Lamborghini and go on the rampage in top apps 2017. Drive the interesting racing car and become extreme coach of the city car racing.

Chained Car Stunts Driver Racing Game Features

• 3D graphics of the beautiful environment
• A variety of extreme sports cars.
• Efficient controls and engine simulator in the chained cars.
• Uphill rush in the interest levels of the crazy chained car games.
• Realistic sound tracks during the beaming drives.
• A multiplayer stunt car game with dangerous offroad and downhill tracks.
• A car shop to buy interesting items with the coins.
• A superb auto gear extreme sports car.
• Onscreen stereo meter and speed controller to help the engine simulator in control.

How To Play Chained Car Stunts Driver Racing:

• Select your favorite sports racing car to be chained.
• Select the offroad, uphill or downhill tracks in the snow, desert offroad or a hill.
• Use the crash drive engine simulator controls of race, break, left and right.
• Control the attached car with your car drive without any damage and destruction and
don’t break chain.
• If you’ll break chain, you’ll lose the rampage game.
• Drive the crazy chained car according to the attached chained cars by using car gear.
• Practice your extreme coach skill to have a beaming drive.

So Downlaod the extreme sports car and city car racing game as the top app 2017 and enjoy the crash drive downhill on the desert offroad without breaking chain of the superb chained cars.

Don’t forget the belt before you begin the great stunts ride!

We would love to hear your feedback about the Chained Car Stunts Driver Racing.

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Oct 20, 2017
Android 2.3 or higher

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