Chained Cars Traffic Racer Chain Break Stunt Game
Monarchor - Dec 13, 2017


Racing of Cars, now trend has changed and racing your fast chained car on a racing car is not the ultimate fun anymore, if you are bored from racing like a typical chained car racer on a race track, this is the race of new era where racing to be on the ahead of other car racers is not the goal. Your racing fast cars are attached to other opponents cars via chain and chain is weak so you need to be in range of chains limit if you distract your fast stunt car from the other car and got a gap of more than chain limit, both cars will catch fire and get in trouble and race will be over. Goal in this racing of chained car is to race your car along with other enemy car and get in speed with it, don't even hit other’s car, hitting will make this lose you the level of race and need to play again. Transport racing of chained car is the recent trend of racing sports cars, a ultimate show of classic cars of extreme road rage.
Driving with a chain attached is not an easy task, driver of fast cars can fail here as different kind of skill for driving is needed here. Selections of cars are here for you to choose the car, it comes with other car attached via heavy chain of metal. As chain is as strong as its weakest link so getting away from attached chain will get broken in the middle, don't get away from enemy car and don't get too close all of it can be a problem and cars can stop getting from racing, it is the best racing game of cars in the category of chained vehicle. Chained cars is the trending games of racing cars and this Chained Cars Traffic Racer Chain Break Stunt Game game is the best race of chained cars, has modified racing sports cars to drive.
Graphics of Chained Cars Traffic Racer Chain Break Stunt Game game are reality based and it gives the look of high end graphic game, environment of this game is very attractive and it makes game play more interesting to have fun around. Avoid hit any real sports car with blocks in the way, Be safe, protect chains from breaking, make massive stunt and enjoy the awesome camera views on making stunt, Collision in the luxury cars is not allowed chain may broken while colliding with other car. Chance to sharp your outstanding skills to practice race with this outstanding chained car rivals. This time your modified Car is connected to another AI racing Sports car attached with a chain, you have to avoid breaking chain by following the AI vehicle and dare some stunts on the desert highway roads. Break off the adrenaline rush in your passion fro racing of chained cars and go unleash the beast with in you in Chained Cars Traffic Racer Chain Break Stunt Game game. Routes of chain driving are various and hurdles are multiple so be attentive and focused while playing it because a little distraction can make you lose the level of chain racing.
Test your ability of driving and driving skills as a driver of not getting on top of race but syncing your drive with other car is the top skill what is required, be a expert driver in this Chained Cars Traffic Racer Chain Break Stunt Game of adventure plus fun full pack of madness. Download Chained Cars Traffic Racer Chain Break Stunt Game this game and get your grooves on for racing in a battle of chain car plus truck tractor, it is the best racing simulator of chained car games, scenario is a bit complicated as it is new but we promise you fun just understand what is required and you will surely love what this offer. If your car goes faster, slower or move away from AI car the chain will break. Clear all obstacles by avoiding chain breakage to win by ace in this xtreme chained cars 3D game!

Features of Chained Cars Traffic Racer Chain Break Stunt Game:
• Multiple chained cars challenges
• Realistic Racing Tracks of Game
• Realistic chained Car and break chained physics
• Super Easy Controls
• Classic gameplay for racing car game lovers
• Amazing Camera Angles
• Amazing Fast Speedy luxury cars to choose and drive
• Number of amazing levels
• Free game

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Current Version
Requires Android
Dec 13, 2017
Android 4.0 or higher

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