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Javiolo - Aug 8, 2017


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If during installing, the app starts badly, with the device horizontally; restart the app once.

This app is Not a chess game viewer, for game viewer and And analyze games better, please install:
(see more images and information)

This app is NOT to play Internet chess games, only for play with engines.

A chess engine is a part of the program that calculates the moves

You can play games (Not Online) between engines, and against persons (not online).

Select engine 1 or/and Select engine 2
engine1 vs engine2 or
person vs engine2 or
engine1 vs person
and Run game (click middle button)

you can move the pieces freely. person vs person (not online, only on the device)

You can analyze positions created by board editor or opening Fen file.

Entries app: open fen file and moves from PgnAdmin >= v9.8

-You can install and test all UCI chess engines you want (see uninstall)
commercial engines are Not tested
There are some engines that are not adapted to v5 and later versions of android
- supported Open Exchenge engines
- Engine options/parameters (partial free)

- all ours Stockfish are compiled with O2 and O3 optimizations

- Chess Board Editor
- internal Opening Book, Polyglot. it is based on a tcec tournament
- Add Analysis Engine with preference only for analyze
- PreMove.

GUI is based in Positions + Cache

Spanish (Castilian)

this app has limitations, 60%-70% free.

this app should work from Android v2.2 Froyo

Not oex Engines app: not Oex

at this moment some links may not work

v0.5.2 Please update SF
- Change Engines, Oex Eng, and Analysis Revised
- Support Android 7
- Sound and Increment, probe no free
- Time per game (rapid) to probe not free
- Install SF app option
- Sound on engine move
- 64bits engines
- free engines levels revised
you can choose the colors of the squares between two colors
- new Entry from PgnAdmin >= v9.8. v3.5
- Allowed change some parameters of the engines!
not all free
- added analysis engine

We want to thank all mail received from sponsors (It will be studied), designers, SEOs, statistical staff ..., which attempt to help us, but we have not budget for it (as we say in Spain 'no tenemos un pavo eu'). Our apps are little chess programs are not great ideas.
We also thank the mails received by customers with their opinions, requests and bugs of our apps. We try to fix bugs and implement their requests, as long as no interfere with the work of other apps, and can be done.
And of course we also want to thank Google for the large number of resources to be made available to us, which we would need several lifetimes to see them and study them.
Thank you all

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Aug 8, 2017
Android 2.2 or higher

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