Chests simulator for CR
CGame - Jan 2, 2018


This is a non-commercial fan-generated online app for fan content purposes only limited to displaying and identifying Clash Royale as allowed by Fan Content Policy:

This is not a normal simulator! See for yourself :)

What are the chances of getting a legendary card from the wooden chest?
Here you can find it. Dropchance 1zu1 as in CR.

Open one of many chests for free!

Wooden Chest, Silver Chest, Crown Chest, Gold Chest, Giant Chest, Magic Chest, Super Magic Chest, Epic Chest, Legendary Chest, Clan Battle Chest, Tournament Chest, Selection Chest

You decide which to open.

Step into one of 10 arenas and become a champion with your cards.


- All 74 cards. New cards are always added quickly.
- All chests: from the wooden to the selection chest
- All Arenas + Challenger Arenas
- Complete tasks to earn different items for even more fun
- Buy different boosters in our shop for even more fun
- Achieve success and reach the top spot on one of the leader boards
- Go to Prestige to open more chests.
- Never lose your rankings thanks to cloud storage
- 5 different languages
- Add your friends to find out who's got the highest level
- 15,000 cards from a chest? Open the best tournament chest ever.
- Create a clan to tackle great challenges with your friends.

This is not an official chess simulator for Clash Royale. All references to "Clash Royale" in the app name and description are for the sole purpose of identifying the app for potential users. A trademark infringement is not foreseen.
This content is not affiliated, supported, sponsored, or specifically approved by Supercell and Supercell is not responsible. For more information, see Supercell's fan content policy:

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Requires Android
Jan 2, 2018
Android 2.3 or higher

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