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Thinking about the best form to educate my son and make children enjoy the best Kids music, I made this app, and now I share it with everyone.

With this excellent compilation of children songs and Nursery Rhymes, you can spend the best moments if child enjoying and creating unforgettable moments cantajuegos singing free songs, learning or any other topic of kids music, without forgetting the bedtime stories and have a good time.

Children Songs and Nursery Rhymes is a free app Android (+2.3) to hear the best kids music for babies. Cantajuego sings and dances to the rhythm of the chick pio! Better than the radio!
With this wonderful app laughs with her son listening music for kids Mobile accompanied by the best babies videos hosted on youtube. With this application the kid will enjoy looking at the cell phone and we spent a great time with cantajuegos animated videos, Nursery Rhymes and generally yutube videos for kids of covering the topic of kids music, even more variety on the radio. Also in our app are included bedtime stories!

Share videos from any of the songs for children and kids stories on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Google+ to the other parent or the motives of their young. You can also see what are the favorite children songs of others kids, the most shared and even made their own list of children music to have on hand including your favourite videos.
Know that this app is frequently updated with more free children music, kids videos, etc. so that grows continuously as our team is up to date on this issue. You will see here more variety than radio. But note that this application is for video of Nursery Rhymes and kids music for children. You can not download songs or videos of kids stories. That is illegal and we are totally against any practice outside the law for the education of the babies. So you can enjoy videos of babies and Nursery Rhymes, cantajuegos, and the best selected themes but could not download music.

With this app you can:
- Find the best children songs, kids music and Nursery Rhymes.
- Watch videos for children and sing and play.
- Many of bed time stories are also included
- Enjoy popular songs cantajuegos Pio chicken or many more new features.
- Ask your child if you are nervous put him calm music to sleep.
- Family Pass together the best moments that will later be remembered fondly.

Children Songs & Kids music do not have the rights to the songs or the content of this application.
All contents of this app are public and are hosted on YouTube. There is none of free songs to download, al Nursery Rhymes are only to see and listen.
All resources used for this app are free Creative Commons law.

We strive to provide the best content.
If you want more content not hesitate to contact to keep adding quality content.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Mar 20, 2017
Android 2.3 or higher

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