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The Best FREE Online Spell Checker and Grammar Checker!
Ginger Spelling and Grammar Keyboard is the only app that helps users write high-quality text in English.
Ginger Mobile Keyboard includes a Chinese keyboard layout (both Simplified and Traditional Chinese writing) so that users can easily switch between English writing and Chinese writing. Ginger's Chinese language keyboard features all the relevant Chinese signs to enable drawing in Chinese. Easily correct spelling typos, grammar errors and misused words with a single click!
Ginger's keyboard is the only English grammar checker and spell checker online that will not only correct every text you write, but also suggest better phrases to your text. The keyboard will perfect your English written texts as-you-type.
Ginger "...allows users to send better, less embarrassing texts and higher quality writing" – Techcrunch
• Correct spelling mistakes, grammar errors and misused words
• Rephrase a sentence with new text variations, add synonyms for individual words and complete fragmented sentences.
• NEW!! CHINESE KEYBOARD – Enables both traditional and simplified Chinese writing.
* SENTENCE REPHRASER – Easily enhance your text using suggestions only with the Ginger keyboard.
• THE BEST GRAMMAR AND SPELLING CORRECTIONS- Correct your writing based on Ginger's leading grammar and spell checker.
• PERSONAL DICTIONARY - Sync your mobile personal dictionary with Ginger's desktop suite & across your Android devices.
• OPTIMIZED KEYBOARD LAYOUT - Enjoy improved writing experience, that includes an improved horizontal layout (landscape mode) for the keyboard.
Correct and enhance your text messages, Whatsapp messages, Gmail and Outlook emails, and even social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter and more - Ginger's grammar and spell check keyboard is the only app that understands your terminology, names and even slang!
1. When the installation wizard opens, enable Ginger on your device input list. Don’t forget to click "Back" after completing step 1!
2. After Ginger is enabled, set it as your default keyboard.
The keyboard's revolutionary user interface maximizes your mobile productivity anywhere and anytime, and is the best way to communicate on your Android!
Unlike text-correction software in which you need to copy and paste your texts into another app proofread them, the Ginger Keyboard contextually understands your writing and then corrects your mistakes and enhances your texts while on the move.
The Keyboard can be integrated with any Android device – no need to download any additional software!
"The app saves time by giving you the ability to quickly proofread text…." Ginger "should be a mainstay on your device…." – AppStorm
Download Ginger's free online grammar checker (grammar check) and spell checker (spell check) Keyboard!
** Internet connection required **
Ginger supports devices that use these languages:
Arabic Azerbaijani Bulgarian Catalan Czech Danish Dutch English (US) English (UK) English (AU) Spanish Esperanto Finnish French Georgian German Greek Hebrew Hungarian Italian Korean Korean Norwegian Persian Polish Portuguese Russian Serbian Slovak Slovakian Swedish Thai Turkish Vietnamese
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** Ginger respects your privacy. The Grammar and Spelling Keyboard does not keep any password fields.
Use of this app falls under our privacy policy: htttp:// **

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Current Version
Requires Android
Oct 23, 2014
2.4.1 (TW)
Android 2.2 or higher