Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally 2018
GAMELORDs Action Simulation Games Ever - Feb 14, 2018


Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally 2018 is the 4x4 crazy Prado racing game among the offroad jeep rally games of desert adventure with dirt racing. Best jeep race 3d game in which you will drive your luxury land cruiser with extreme driving on offroad desert tracks. Dirt jeep rally racing and driving in extreme speed adventure of the 4x4 jeep is real race challenge. As 4x4 Cholistan jeep driver and racer, you have to drive fast on racing tracks in mud rally jeep adventure. 4x4 jeep race game on desert safari tracks will give a perfect combination of 4 wheeler driving and land cruiser rally adventure. Drive 4x4 hummer fast to become the best racer and driver of the offroad jeep racing in the desert. 4x4 Prado desert racing challenge 2018 will test your real race skills as a top driver and jeep racer.
Drive Cholistan jeep and 4x4 land cruiser in desert safari environment. Do drifts with fast speed racing on sand. Test your racing skills of 4x4 jeep 3d adventure by driving luxury land cruiser on sand tracks in real 4x4 jeep rally race 3d to get the title of desert racer and jeep driver. Drive powerful jeeps and high-speed hummer to win the rally race. Enjoy the speed driving race of big wheels while racing against time. Time is running out you have to drive fast with your powerful 4x4 car in jeep adventure 2018.
Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally 2018 has a real racing mission for your Prado driving skills of 3d luxury jeep driving games. Use your best big wheels racing skills to knock out your opponents on desert safari tracks with fast driving Prado and 4 wheeler land cruiser. As a hummer desert racer and expert driver, you have to give full acceleration to your 4x4 vehicles to cross the finish line first in 4x4 jeep racing rally 3d 2018. Enjoy most real extreme speed adventure of 4 wheelers. If you like driving game or desert racing games or land cruiser driving games with race challenge then Dubai desert jeep race rally 3d game is for you.
Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally 2018 has real racing challenges for your jeep driving skills of luxury Prado racing games. Use your best dirt jeep rally racing skills to drive fast on sand tracks with you fast driving Prado. As pro driver and expert racers drive at high speed to reach the finish line within the time limit in 4x4 jeep racing adventure 3d 2018. fasten your seatbelt and take the steering wheel of 4 wheeled vehicle and 4x4 hummer to join the real dirt race adventure 2018 of driving and racing as a professional racer and top like the real Dubai desert jeep racing game or offroad UAE cruiser Prado race and Cholistan desert rally racing game, you have to the expert driver of the 4x4 vehicle to play this Prado racing challenge 3d.

• Tilt and button touch control
• Tap on accelerate button to drive
• Touch brake button to reduce speed.

Features of Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally 2018:
• The realistic & easy gameplay of desert Prado driving.
• Stunning and delightful game environment of Prado jeep 4x4 drive.
• Multiple Luxury monster Jeeps Vehicles in challenging Dubai desert drive.
• Multiple addictive game levels with 4 wheeler jeep racing.
• Realistic Graphics and the desert environment in cruiser race games.
• Collect checkpoint and flags for cash to upgrade your jeep and Prado vehicle.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Feb 14, 2018
Android 4.0 or higher

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