Chop Up
Gamers DEN - Jun 7, 2018


Chop Up:
Enjoy non-stop chopping adventure of everything that comes to your mind.
Gamers DEN proudly presents an amazing wood cutting tools game of 2018. The hit and smash gameplay and endless fun will take you to a whole new level of fun. Making chops of everything you wanted have a great experience. You have different tools to work with and pass your free time with hit and smash.

Multiple tools:
There are different free lumberjack tools that you will use to chop wood. You have an ax to chop, hammer and nail to punch in. However, you can use some pickaxe to crush rocks as well. You can also use saw to cut trees as well. These tools are meant to learn just practical use for a useful purpose not to harm any animal or living things.

Diverse missions:
The amazing chopping game gives you a huge collection of modes to play. Initially, you will start with one mode. After earning required stars, you can switch to next chopping game’s level.

Chop tree:
You are a lumberjack. You cut trees and transport them to the city. The tree is then chopped to make logs. Your duty is, to chop logs. Each tree log will slide through and you will chop into two pieces. In the real world, cutting down of trees is never a happy job. Instead of cutting down of trees, it should be discouraged.

Chop wood with perfection:
Let the log arrive and tap the screen to swing ax over it. Chop log from the middle and score perfectly.

Hammer the nail:
There is a wooden bar sliding before you with a nail in it. You need to hit it with a hammer and score one star.

Crush stones with pickaxe:
The conveyer belt will bring pieces of rocks to you from nearby free mines. As the best miner, you will swing pickaxe on the right spot and crush it.

Cut with perfection:
The next stage of the wood cutting game is featuring a log cutting saw and so cut wood. There are markings and you need to cut it right through the markings.

Earn Stars:
Each perfect hammer strike gives you one star. In the same way, the pickaxe through tree log also gives one star. Even the stone gives you a single star when you crush it with a pickaxe.

Avoid Bombs:
There are bombs as well to blow up your woodcutting simulator. You have to avoid them.

Break Heart and crush clock:
There are hearts on the scene as well. You can hit it to earn a chance. The clock will also show up randomly. You can break it to slow the time.

Hit stars:
Hit star to earn 10 stars instantly. You can use the stars to unlock new levels in woodcutting simulator.

Realistic Graphics:
The sharp graphics make everything in woodcutter game come to life.

Simple controls:
Easy tap and touch control chopping and crushing make this game very easy for all woodcutter game’s lovers.

You can enjoy your leisure time by playing free chop and hit game of 2018.

Best of Luck!

If you have no wifi, you can play Chop Up absolutely free. So quickly download this interesting chop and hit game of 2018 offered by Gamers DEN available on Google Play Store on your Android smartphones.

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Jun 7, 2018
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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