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My Ringtones and Sounds - Jan 25, 2018
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✝ Best “Christian music songs 2015” for phones and tablets completely FREE!
✝ High quality SMS sounds, notification ringtones and alarm tones for your device!
✝ This HQ “ringtone app” includes 15 “sound effects”; first 10 tunes will be given to you immediately, the rest of the “free ringtones” will be unlocked over the next five days!
✝ “New Christian music”, free ringtones Christian songs, Christian SMS tones, gospel songs, “christian ringtones for Android™ free”, religious sound effects free download and much more!
✝ Easy tap controls and colorful interface!
✝ Tap once to listen to the sound and press the settings button to set it!
✝ Set as a default ringtone, contact tone, SMS notification or alarm clock sound!
✝ This is the full version – no additional charges!
✝ Compatible with all new phones and OS!
✝ “Christian Music Ringtones” are the “best ringtones free”, that you must have!
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✝ Praise our Lord and Savior with the best “Christian ringtones free” of charge on the market! Christian Music Ringtones bring you the best HQ collection of “religious ringtones mp3”, which you can use to show your devotion to the mighty God of Christianity! Use all of the Christian sound effects for different options on your phone and tablet: set one of the free Christian songs as your incoming call alert, one religious tone as your SMS notification and one of the free hymns as your wake up alarm sound! You can even assign all of the “free Christian ringtones for cell phones” to specific contacts from your phone book! Say “God is real” and “Jesus walks with me” every time you hear your “new ringtones 2015”! Thank God, because we have provided the best notification sounds and ringtones for cell phones and tablets! You don't need to carry the Holy Bible around, because this free Christian app will be your daily prayer reminder! Praise the almighty God wherever you are – download Christian Music Ringtones and deserve your place in Heaven by worshiping our Lord and Protector!

✝ No need to search for “religious music ringtones” online - this “free ringtones Android™ app” has everything that you need to customize your music gallery pro style!

✝ Christian Music Ringtones is the best collection of gospel music and hymns of Christianity, which praise and worship the three aspects of Christian God: The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit! The best hymns about Jesus Christ have been turned into lovely Christian ringtones and they are waiting for you with this “religious ringtones free download for mobile”! Show your affection to the Church of God, no matter if you belong to a Christian Church, a Catholic Church or a Baptist Church. Download free Christian mobile ringtones and enjoy the best religious sound effects and gospel songs on the market! Sing along to prove your love and devotion to the good God and be a real Christian by obtaining these “God ringtones for mobile”! Christian Music Ringtones will be your key for opening the gates of the Kingdom of God and entering the magical world of angels – find your inner peace by downloading these free musical ringtones for mobile phones!

The sounds that were used in this app are under Public Domain or Creative Commons license attribution 3.0:
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Current Version
Requires Android
Jan 25, 2018
Android 4.0 or higher

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