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Circuit Training Assistant

Circuit Training Assistant

Riana - August 18,2014

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Too busy to exercise ? hum… Have you tried short and intense circuit training at home? The sweet 4 minutes Tabata protocol?
Want to regain your reflexive stability and improve your movement forms? Have a look at the “Original Strength” system from Tim Anderson and Geoff Neupert featured in this app! (Thanks to Tim)
What’s in the app?
Circuit Training assistant helps you in introducing these materials into your home workout program with :
- More than 20 short but intense built-in circuits (more than 50 in the Pro Version)
- 75 built-in exercises illustrated with videos
- 5 “Resets” circuits from the Original Strength system
- Calorie expense estimator
- Weight tracker with an estimation of Body mass index, Body Fat Percentage, Basal Metabolism Rate and Ideal weight based on standard formulaes.
- Simple Interval timers
The pro version allows you to :
- Create your own circuits
- Create your own Exercises and with an image from your library
- Track your progress and your workouts
- Remove the ads
- and …. buy me a huge cup of coffee to support the development
About Circuit Training and the Tabata protocol
"Circuit training is the most scientifically proven exercise system. It's time efficient and incorporates strength, flexibility and cardio in the same workout." (The Cooper Institute, Dallas, TX)
Circuit Training is a form of body conditioning or resistance training wich is easy to follow and targets strength building as well as muscular endurance. Circuit training has also the potential to burn more calories than conventional aerobic exercise or strength training, both during and post-workout (increase in post workout metabolism), thus beneficial for those attempting to lose body fat.
Tabata protocol is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) developed by Dr. Izumi Tabata at the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo, Japan.
About Original Strength
“Original Strength”, by Tim Anderson, SFG and Geoff Neupert Master SFG is an approach on human movement based on observation, common sense and scientific facts.
The purpose is to move like we were made and to restore our built-in movements patterns (as programmed into our brain) by pressing “Reset”. The “Resets” were first introduced on 2011 by Tim Anderson and Mike McNiff in their book “Becoming Bulletproof”. “Original Strength” is a great improvement of the system with 2 more years of practice, feedback, experiment and studies.
Final Words
Please consult your physician before attempting any physical activity. I am not liable for damages resulting from the use (abuse?) of the Application. The videos are used for illustration purposes and do not replace professionnal coach's advice. In order to perfom your sessions safely, make sure you master exercises execution before you use them in a high intensity circuit.
Have fun and train safely.

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