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Citro's Split-T..

Citro's Split-T..

Citro's Systems - January 03,2015

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(BETA) Do you ever go out to eat and the waiter is unable or unwilling to split the bill upon the whole table? Or do you need to put a manifest together for certain items? Well this happens to me to often. With this app you can split the bill upon each person at the table by manually entering each item that they have ordered, in an easy to use interface. The advantages of this are that it is fair and no one pays for more then what they owe, each person pays exactly for what they ordered. This app uses a backend database for accurately recording each bill and item, which will be used for sending and saving bills. This is still in beta so many features such as tax and tip will be added shortly, and please report any crashes. Also please feel free to contact me with any layout ideas, or any other way to improve this app, as well as any bugs you come across. Please and Thank you :-)

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  • UpdatedJanuary 03,2015
  • Size9.53MB
  • Downloads2,381
  • Current Version1.2.2
  • Requires AndroidAndroid 2.2 or higher