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taxukepthit - Nov 27, 2017
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Clean Expert is a phone wipe, optimizer and cooler, and helps clean up junk files, speed up the phone, increase memory, make the phone run faster and smoother.

☆☆ Memory Acceleration ☆☆
Smart Memory Manager will help you browse pictures, videos, music, documents and more. In order to increase the internal storage space, the function of deleting storage space will help you to delete duplicate files, photos, view videos, and useless APK files. After the phone's storage space is released, the phone will be clean.

☆☆ Garbage Cleaning ☆☆
After using it for a while, your phone will be slow, increasing your phone memory due to redundant files. Optimized master cleaning software will help you to delete and delete all junk files to speed up your device. BoostClean, an ultra-clean host Android phone upgrade mode that clears background processing, manages applications, and closes the application's auto-launch to free up storage space. It speeds up the phone and extends battery life, enhancing memory and cleaning.

☆☆ CPU Cooling ☆☆
Use its accelerator and CPU coolers to control the temperature of the CPU and check for hot applications and then automatically detect them (with Android's special algorithm for a secure cell phone cooler, efficient cooler.)

☆☆ App Manager ☆☆
Helps you manage apps installed on your device. In particular, it can categorize local and installed user applications, providing uninstall and shutdown applications, which can block mobile phone memory hints. This is the main system for telephone cooling.

Clean Expert highlights:
- Beautiful and friendly user interface
- A best accelerator, release RAM and clean memory
- The best cleaning app, cache and junk clean for Android
- Memory and storage space cleaner, removable memory cleaner
- Phone memory and cache cleaning, phone wipe and booster, phone booster and cleaner.
- Clean all trash from memory, cache and mobile applications
Space clean for Android, promotion and cleaning
- Reduce the phone's temperature. When cooling the phone, the device overheated
- Battery optimized Android, battery protection.
- Android free junk file cleanup.
- Manage Applications Uninstall unnecessary applications.
- Click Optimize Android, Mobile Storage Cleaner, Clean Memory Cleaner

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Current Version
Requires Android
Nov 27, 2017
Android 4.0.3 or higher

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