Climax Heroes Wizard: Kamen Rider Fight
Xe.1122 Apps - Jul 17, 2017


Allow you run around the battle field freely.

Climax Heroes Wizard completely changed the battle system; while it's still the same at the very core of things, battle now uses a free-run system, instead of being on a 2D plane like the preview Climax Heroes games, this game allows you to run around the battle field freely. This was a very welcome change, as it not only makes battles feel a bit longer, but also slightly more challenging. It also introduces Rider Arts, special techniques each Rider can use in battle, along with a flight system.

These missions have very simple objectives; Beat the enemy or Beat the enemy within the time limit. Super Heroes mode lasts much longer then Heroes mode in Fourze, taking me about 3-4 hours to complete. Along with taking longer it is also much more challenging. The missions start out easy as you'd expect but as you progress will actually get harder and becoming challenging even to those who have played the previous games. This new challenge was a great addition and made the game feel fulfilling to play. There is no order in which the missions need to be done, allowing for some freedom.

This is a kids game. With the increased difficulty they also introduced a Level up system that is used in Super Heroes mode. When you finish a mission you will be awarded RP, which I assume stands for Rider Points. This RP can then be exchanged to increase your characters stats; Health, Attack, Defense and Special/Finisher. Such as increasing your rider gauge over time at the cost of Defense. This somewhat nullified the new challenge presented

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Jul 17, 2017
Android 4.0.3 or higher

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