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ICE Lab - Sep 15, 2017
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Clone Master, creates a private space in your Android phone, allows you to run two accounts of the same app on one mobile phone. Also, you can rename, change app icon and control notifications of the cloned apps.
Without having to root your android phone, Clone Master keeps your precious apps from prying eyes, especially for those nosy friends or kids.

The cloned apps run in a standalone environment and never clash with each other. You can easily switch between cloned apps without any glitch.


-Run 2 accounts on WhatsApp, Facebook, Games and more
Run two social/gaming accounts of the same app simultaneously on one phone. Get the perfect balance between work and personal life.

-Rename &Change App Icon
Easily rename an Android application and change its default icon.

-Disguise App Notifications
Show the customized icon in the notification area.

-Hide Apps on Android phone
Remove the real apps after cloning, and leave the cloned apps within Clone Master, you will keep your secret apps private.

-App Locker
To protect your private app clones within Clone Master. No one besides you will be able to peek into your cloned apps.

-Do not disturb
Turn off message notification of the cloned apps.

-Support 64bit OS

Notes:The built-in Apps cannot be removed from system even cloning.

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Sep 15, 2017

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