Color Switch
Free color switch games - Mar 13, 2018


Try not to touch different color of your ball in circle if you touch different color of your ball you die.color game switch

so our game is great for color switch jumpz and there are so many lever of color you need to switch the color and jumpz to get pass buy color & switch

Circle and color switch our game has lots of mods first mod is color switch mod and another Mod is Flappy and we are going to add more mods and color switch make fun to play even color switch is game that not in to but is color switch

One ball with one color and circle with 4 circle you need to pass by one color that you have in your ball if you have blue color then pass by blue color and after passing you can switch color that's the game and we will add more mods soon as possible
Mods will add in next update
#Black and white
#Rocket mod
#color & switch
And more now finished this

Bug fixes
new levels
new theme
game optamized

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Current Version
Requires Android
Mar 13, 2018
Android 3.0 or higher

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