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Best ever Commando Base Attack Game, Download Now For Free and have the amazing flare of World War.

Commando Sniper Shooter Game Elite Assassin Killer is a newly designed War Based Invasion Game where the user will serve the Army and invade Enemy Military Basis. The user will have the access to best Weapons and Firearms, so it is the responsibly of the Solider to complete the mission. The game provides a great Storyline of World War where every country is fighting the battle of Supremacy and Survival and now is your chance to gain the upper hand on enemy. Use the skill, courage and determination, invade Enemy Lands and destroy their Military Bases so there has no more supplies or either logistics to survive the Battles. Being a sniper the attack has to be silent and undetectable so use various Sniper Assassin techniques to take out the guards at Military Bases. User may also disguise as a Camouflage to really become undetectable in order to take clean Head shots. While invasion of military base user is supposed to destroy multiple logistics and settlements of the enemy like:

⚔️ Gunships.
⚔️ Machine guns.
⚔️ Helicopters.
⚔️ Tanks.
⚔️ Military Jeeps.
⚔️ Vans.
⚔️ Naval Carrier.
⚔️ Ships.
⚔️ Radar.
⚔️ Military Trucks.
⚔️ Aircrafts.

The military bases that have been featured in the game are inspired from the world’s best military bases where the level of security is quite high and to invade these bases user needs to be an Elite Sniper Commando. The game features intense Battlefield scenarios as the user skill will be tested to the extreme as user will be part of intense Guerrilla Warfare, Modern Warfare and Classic Warfare. User has to make sure that he/she always stay alert for any challenge that might come. User will be part of variety of missions like Hostage Rescue Mission, ISIS Terrorist Battle, Gangster Encounter Mission and multiple War based missions. In the battlefield user must carry following items to survive.

⚔️ Medical Kit.
⚔️ Dagger/Knife.
⚔️ Pistols.
⚔️ Guns.
⚔️ Poison Gas Bomb.
⚔️ Grenade.
⚔️ Rocket Launcher.
⚔️ Missile Launcher.
⚔️ Bomb.
⚔️ Detonator.

Now let us explore few features of the game:

⚔️ Ultra Realistic Gameplay.
⚔️ Become the part of Frontline SWAT Force.
⚔️ War Based Sound Effects.
⚔️ Take the action to the Borders and become a Frontier Sniper.
⚔️ Modern warfare of Iraq, Syria, Middle east, Africa and Afghanistan.
⚔️ Use the best Weapons and Ammo and Snipe the enemy down.
⚔️ Combat Visual Effects.
⚔️ Use PvP Shooting Mode for real time shooting
⚔️ Become the War Hero and eliminate every Target Killer and Extremist from the town.
⚔️ Sniper Rifles that have been featured in the game are :

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Current Version
Requires Android
Sep 13, 2017
Android 2.3 or higher

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