Commando War Enemy lines
NPC Games Studio - Mar 20, 2017


A commando frontline navigator spy is shot down over enemy territory and is injured, kept in a desert enemy military base behind enemy lines.
Want to play as Elite Assassin commando or as American us sniper simulator spy.
This amazing fps shooting game is specially designed for mobile shooting game lovers. Want to shoot real guns? Then come this amazing action pack fps commando stealth shooting game is best of modern warfare spy games. Special OPS Commando is assigned different stealth objectives full of action and warfare thrill. Your target is enemy frontier. Kill them in stealth within their homeland. This Commando Conflict bases on real time stealth and shooting in army territory. You can use real weapons from armoury with modern shooting effects. Spy and Aim your target enemy and assassinate with your sniper shooting gun or Rapid Fire Rifle. Play as rescue mission as well fury combat missions. Stay low and kill in stealth mode undetected.

Plant the bomb and move from Shadow to Shadow to strike enemies with deadly force.
Become a ghost secret agent remain out of sight from enemies and cams in spy Stealth game. Enemies are planning for something big, you will be our undercover secret agent to execute them by destroying their base with their deadly weapons. Training missions over now show elite spy skills and stop them stealing blacklist files. Save fellow spies from getting dishonoured by nation. The intelligence office want you to kill all possible threat with zero civilian casualty by all means necessary .Now you are elite spy to complete different missions by destroying different targets like enemy helicopter, trucks, buildings and their command centre.

A commando frontline navigator secret agent is shot down over enemy territory and is injured, secret agent is kept in a desert enemy military base behind enemy lines.
You are an Elite Assassin commando secret agent, your mission is to rescue him, our intel says a plenty of weapons and medikits are already available on site so there is no backup due to time limitations. As American us sniper simulator, in future city crime you are a 3d sniper the assassin secret agent which must complete the mission impossible in the crime of city! Sawing criminal case and find a killer! Lead your squad to victory, upgrade your secret agent level through Assault, Heavy, Recon, Sniper, Support or Bounty Hunter.

Game is free; we put some ADs on it to support the developer hence few permissions are needed.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Mar 20, 2017
Android 4.0 or higher

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