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HELPVALE - Sep 13, 2017


The most complete and easy-to-use electronic application now in light version, NO PC NEED.
Our application allows you to open and close tables, with due receipt of the account, according to the data you set (money, card, check etc), all very simple and easy.
It has option to generate hangs, or famous spinning, releasing automatically into accounts receivable.
Now with over-the-counter screen, quick sale, can perform service with just a few touches.

It has opening and closing of box, know how much sold per day, what products were sold and much more.
Financial control of accounts payable and accounts receivable, with a register of customers and suppliers.
It allows to receive the account of mixed way, that is to say a part in money another and card etc.
Have access to several resources:
- Waiter service fee (10%).
- To register products, categories, accompaniments, etc.
- Monitor the tables and close accounts.
- Issue various reports and graphs.
- Control stock of products.
- Print production ticket (kitchen, bar, etc), table preview and receipt receipt account, all in a low cost bluetooth printer.
- Map by status table (in closing or in attendance).
- Option to access the registers by the PC, to gain time in the use.
- Low stock.
It works 100% for the following segments:
- Food truck: the only application that was made considering this follow-up, to meet the needs of those who want to computerize, have little space and want economy.
- Coffee shops, trailler, kiosk and small businesses: that aim at differentiated service, without giving up using the latest in technology, with low investment.

- Delivery: Have complete control of sales, issuing guide to motoboy, control of sales by neighborhood, delivery rate and more.
Our electronic ordering allows you to have 100% of the information in the palm of the hand, customer service, reports, graphics, everything through the smartphone, without the need of a computer.
These are some of the features, take the test, contact us, we are at your disposal.
This is a full test version for 14 days.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Sep 13, 2017
Android 4.0.3 or higher

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