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GAMEGOS - Feb 7, 2018
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Do you love cooking games?
Play this kitchen game, cook and serve delicious food as a top chef and put your time-management skills to test!
If you're ready to live the life of a rising star who's just graduated from the chef academy, share the fever,craze and fun of cooking and baking with chef Audrey! Cooking Tale will fill your dreams of being a chef and discovering various cuisines for sure! Travel and explore towns, each with a new cafe, coffee shop, bakery or diner! Every new episode on the map will bring you a new restaurant with new recipes and unique fun customers to deal with! A surprising illusionist and even a thief may stop by!

In this addictive time-management game you'll have to reach the maximum speed and skills! Your kitchen is equipped fully with all the utensils you need, and you'll find the more advanced and useful ones in the Shop! Take orders, cook and serve dishes and upgrade your tools to the best! Sounds fun? Roll up your sleeves, get ready to cook and make customers happy with various challenges in this cafe world! Survive the frenzy and become the greatest chef ever!

If you want to have a fast-paced fun, play now and...

- Cook hundreds of different dishes!
- Discover amazing restaurants and towns on the map!
- Learn recipes from around the world!
- Serve super-fun customers on time!
- Upgrade and boost your kitchen with brand-new tools!
- Challenge the other chefs on every level!
- Connect with your friends to exchange gifts!
- Enjoy playing in both online and offline modes!

Discover the exciting map with more than 700 levels and addictive challenges! Play for free now!

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Current Version
Requires Android
Feb 7, 2018
Android 4.0 or higher

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