Coptic Copt4G خدمه قبطيه
Copt4G - Feb 11, 2017


An app that helps you stay connected with the Christian Community.
تطبيق قبطي مسيحي ارثوذكسي
Copt4G (Coptic for GOD) is an app for the Christians in Egypt, Middle east and the diaspora. The app includes a lot of sections to help Christians stay connected with other members of the Christian community. It includes – Christian movies, radio and Bibles. You will also find verses and contemplation, spiritual daily readings and much more.

The app has packed in itself a lot of brilliant features along with the cool user interface -
1. LCH تعليم الحان قبطيه: Learn Coptic hymns – Find written maps with over 250 coptic hymn with educational videos to help you read the map and memorize the hymn , hymns are categorized according to seasons
2- Radios: The app includes 3 radios, Akbat al'alam , Coptic voice radio and Copt4G FM. All are supported by on demand section and schedules of broadcast
3. Movie time - Christian movies categorized under old and new Bible, Saints, Martyrs, ..etc.
4-ٍLive Tv :many coptic and christian TV Channels
5- Sermons Encyclopedia: more than 10 K Sermons To Pope Shenouda, Pope Tawadros and many bishops and priests like Fr.Anthony Messiha
6- Hymns Encyclopedia موسوعه الالحان القبطيهmany church seasons with hymns texts and recordings of many cantors like ibrahim ayad and HCOC and Cantor Mikhael Elbatanouny
4. Daily Bread - Verses and contemplation, Spiritual daily readings, Synexatium and most important Coptic news headlines
5. LCB تفسير الانجيل للكنيسه القبطيه: Learn Coptic Bible- Sermons of Fr. Daniel Azer Sous, and his explanation for the bible from the orthodox church point of view based on the early Fathers of the church Books and an educational theological sermons
6. Stay connected – Contact us and in forums communicate with people as well , plus it has our "call to listen " feature where you can call from some countries and listen to our radio saving you the data on your carrier plans
7. Now you can get all your news update in one app
In our app you will see the most important news in
Coptic church news in Egypt اخبار الكنيسه القبطيه
Coptic church news in Europe
Coptic church news in North America
Egyptian political news
And more sections
8. Ireporter: now you will be the eyewitness news for the rest of the Coptic community
With this feature you can send us any important news from your church or town using your own phone
Did you witness any thing in your town and you want to warn or inform the rest of Coptic congregation around the world?
Do you have an ordination for a deacon or priest in your church and you want to share it with all of us?
Send a picture or take a video or make a vocal interview with any important figure and share it with us
You are now a journalist and a reporter in Copt4G news application
Also we all can share your report on Facebook
We all can comment on it and get connected together
We are waiting for your reports

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Current Version
Requires Android
Feb 11, 2017
Android 4.0.3 or higher

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