Cornerball - Tap to turn
Simadev - Apr 19, 2017


Tap to turn your ball and test your reflexes and focus or concentration level.
Train your reaction time and don't fall off!
Rank up your highscore and try to be the best between your friends or the whole world!

Don’t you just hate it when popular tapping games are filled with "game stopping" ads and microtransaction that slowly suck your money even though they are technically free? I’ve got the best arcade game for you! Cornerball is a simple and addictive arcade game where the point of the game is to tap the screen at the exact time when the ball is lined up with the next platform. Doing this correctly, you will advance onto the next platform and it will award you a point, open the next platform and also speed up the ball so it that it wouldn’t be too easy. All these loveable elements of a great and addictive arcade game without a single "game stopping" pop-up ad or microtransaction!

Some features:

- No microtransactions = Completely free!
- Fast paced and unforgiving endless arcade game!
- Global highscores!
- Levels get faster and harder as you get more points!
- Simple design with addictive and hard gameplay!
- Just tap to turn your ball!
- Rankup and compare scores with players all over the world!
- Skill, focus, concentration and fast reactions needed!
- Addictive arcade madness!
- Multiple ways to play the game eg. zigzag fast or chill and take your time!
- Easy to pick up, easy to put down!
- Simple but hard gameplay!
- Minimal and fast!
- Great for reaction time training!
- Ball bounces between the walls!
- Background color changes after every round!
- Beautiful design!

Compete with your friends to become the best there is!
Endless score so you can get as many points as you can!
The game speeds up overtime after every turn to ensure that only the ones with the most skill, best focus and concentration and fastest reactions get the best scores!

Levels in this game will be randomly generated after every turn, so you can’t cheat by trying to remember the timing after every turn! Whether you want to train your reaction time, test your focus, kill time when bored or if you just want to compete globally against random players or maybe just between your friends, this is the game for you! Cornerball – Tap to turn offers endless fun and challenge with simple tapping controls and hard gameplay as the ball speeds up after every turn! But it also isn’t too hard as it will bounce back after hitting a wall.
If you enjoy simple tapping games with nice looking graphics and design, Cornerball is perfect for you! There are no bonus points, microtransactions or intrusive pop-up ads, so you can freely focus on just getting the best score.
You have 2 ways of playing this game.
1. You can let the ball bounce between the walls until you can time a perfect turn.
2. You can immediately turn the ball to zigzag through the levels and maximize speed, so you will get more points in a smaller period of time but it will be harder!

In this hard and fast paced arcade game, your goal is to tap the screen at the right moment to turn the ball so you don’t fall down. When the ball hits the wall, it will bounce back to the other wall and so on. It can bounce between the walls endlessly, so if you're getting a new highscore you can take a break to stretch your fingers!
After every point / turn, the ball gets faster so you have to have a fast reaction time, good concentration and good focus!
If you like free addictive games or arcade games and you like to pass time with skill based ball games, this is the game for you. With a simple and nice looking design, this game is a great way to pass time when waiting in line at the airport or if you are looking for a game for reaction time training. Endless fun and challenge in this simple and fast arcade game!

So whether you wan't to zigzag through the levels to maximize time efficiency or if you want to chill and take your time, Cornerball will fill your needs!

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Current Version
Requires Android
Apr 19, 2017
Android 4.0.3 or higher