Counter Terrorist Mission Fire
Doing Studio - Jul 21, 2017


Counter Terrorist Mission Fire is the most exciting and dangerous FPS action packed shooting game!
The first-person perspective provides you with an immersive reality shooting experience. The enemy is here, do not hesitate! Pick up your weapon, hold your breath, pull the trigger, aim, shoot the target. Destroy all enemies.

In some buildings and corners or some trees behind. Are likely to hide the enemy. In a limited time to find and destroy them. The superior gives you a lot of weapons. Armed themselves, with these deadly weapons, to kill those brutal thugs. As much as possible to kill the enemy, so as to maintain the peace in this region.

In this challenging FPS game, you can use gold coins to buy a variety of powerful weapons, the enemy caused great damage, destroy more enemies, get more gold coins. The more powerful your weapon, you can more accurately attack the target. As an elite sniper, you always keep a sober mind, calmly observe and think, shoot the enemy accurately.

Counter Terrorist Mission Fire is the best sniper shooting game where you can prove your ability to shoot as an elite sniper and to destroy all enemies and complete your mission.

Counter Terrorist Mission Fire Features:
- First Person FPS Shooting Game
- breathtaking visual effects
- HD quality graphics
- Buy your favorite sniper rifle
- Challenging tasks
- True shooting sound effects
- Simple and smooth operation

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Jul 21, 2017
Android 2.3 or higher

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