Counter Terrorist Strike 3D
GunFire Games - Dec 21, 2017


Good News for the people who love to play full of thrilling action and shooting war game. Now you are encounter enemies with modern weapons, and silent assassin gun. In this counter terrorist strike 3D war game you will kill shot your enemies whose are attacking and damage everything.

Counter terrorist strike 3D have stunning environment and excellent features. This is fast and best FPS multiplayer game and in this game you are army commando of special services group. Your aim is to shoot and eliminate terrorist border shooting showdown. You can set your rifle scope and zoom in to set your target. Take sniff and activate trigger to make the kill shot.

We are giving you amazing three mission modes and different objectives. First mission mode have 15 levels and you can kill enemies in given time to complete this mission. Second mission mode is endless means you can kill maximum waves of enemies and beat your high score. The purpose of Endless mission is give challenge to yourself and apply your best shooting skills. Third mission mode is Clear area, enemy soldier forcefully occupied a city and your mission is take your city back from enemies now and complete your mission. All missions mode have different map like Aztec Dust Nuke and Vertigo.

Features of Counter Terrorist Strike free 3D game:
- Real time war environment
- Special sounds effect
- Excellent gameplay and easy control
- Brave assassin commando complete mission and target
- Actions and kill to shoot game for free
- Hours of fun
- Thrilling maps and genuine atmosphere
- Best shooting game
- Shoot to fire button easily
- Remarkable 3D graphics
- Multiplayer FPS game

Don’t be bore now in your free time with counter terrorist 3D game and download in your mobile from android. You have to raise up like a soldier sniper shooter 3D game.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Dec 21, 2017
Android 4.0 or higher

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