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Richter, Adam - May 14, 2018


The iPostcard App allows creation of personal postcards or greeting cards. Thus, you can send unique and personal holiday greetings, Christmas or Easter greetings or best wishes for your dear ones.

With iPostcard you can not only send personal Messages, but also secret messages or a real video!


iPostcard – your personal postcard!
Thanks to iPostcard you can create a personal postcard, add personal wishes and finally send it as an actual postcard. Quick, intuitive and reliable!

iCryptcard – secret messages!

Thanks to iCryptcard by iPostcard you can add secret messages,
visible only for you and for the recipient. Nobody else can read these messages! Simple, transparent and secure!

iVideocard – awaken emotions!

Thanks to iVideocard by iPostcard you can add a YouTube video
or your own video material to a postcard. Awaken emotions of the recipient through hearing and seeing! Digital, emotional and moving!

iGreetingcard – your personal greeting card!

Thanks to iGreetingcard by iPostcard you can create an individual greeting card, add wishes, a personal signature and finally send it as an actual greeting card. Quick, intuitive and reliable!

iCrypt-Greetingcard – private message!

Thanks to iCrypt-Greetingcard by iPostcard you can add secret messages. With a personal signature, you’ll get a special touch of your greeting card! Simple, transparent and secure!

iVideo-Greetingcard – catch the moment!

The iVideo-Greetingcard by iPostcard allows you to add a YouTube video or your own video and a personal signature. Thus, you can retain unique moments!
Digital, emotional and moving!


Our iCryptcard and iCrypt-Greetcard products use symmetric AES encryption with a key strength of 256 Bit. The encryption renders messages illegible without a password. Neither we can read the message!

Video & YouTube
Thanks to iVideocard and iVideo-Greetcard you can record your own videos (30 sec.) or add any YouTube videos. The recipient may play th

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Current Version
Requires Android
May 14, 2018

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