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TULIP APPS - Apr 16, 2018
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Rush like crazy while riding a mine cart on rail tracks and enjoy the furious adventure of visiting the most deadly tunnels of the world. Have a crazy journey over the ancient rail tracks in extreme environments. Face the daring challenges of riding a mine cart on bumpy trails which are full of hazards and be ready to take some twisty turns. Avoid bumping with wooden blocks while rushing through the dangerous cliffs and don’t derail the mine cart while jumping on the ramps. Race with rivals to beat them in crazy mine cart race and don’t be afraid of heights. Rush down the hills and climb the peaks of mountains while enjoying the epic snowfalls in snow mode. Explore the dangerous hilly area while riding the mine cart in extreme snow terrain and have the exciting experience of skating in ice. Quickly change the rail lane whenever you see an incoming hurdle and collect maximum power-ups along with speed boosters.

Crazy mine cart rush is all about surviving as long as you can. The horror mode of this mine carting game is something unique and more adventurous than any other Minecart game. Join the extreme mine cart race while rushing through the graveyards in the dark nights and prove yourself a brave rider. Hold yourself for the steep slopes and dangerous inclines while jumping over the old graves. Collect the precious stones with gems while whizzing through the jungles and Jurassic forests without hitting the old tree trunks. Have a jaw-dropping experience of wandering in deep black forests and enjoy the spectacular visuals with detailed textures. The awe-inspiring graphics and real 3D models of this mine cart game will give you a new taste of rushing on unusual railway tracks. So, don’t wait and download this epic mine cart game for free.

The crazy mine cart rush game allows you to play different thrilling modes i.e. endless and career mode. The endless mode is free of restrictions and you can enjoy the fun with no limits. Switch to different amazing modes like snow, forest, horror and the last but not least is the graveyard mode. Have an amazing combination of joy and fear at the same time to feel the real thrill of rushing on endless rail tracks. The career mode is designed with different objectives and missions. You have to beat the rivals while racing in your mine cart. Each mission has different amazing terrain and environment. The game also has different player characters which you can unlock by using the gems and coins. Also, you can buy the bundle packs and remove the ads by using the precious gems. The mine cart game is compatible with almost all Android devices and works offline. So, have some nice fun and start your adventurous journey now.

Top Features of Crazy Mine Cart Rush:

- Deadly venture with extreme thrill and action.
- Different amazing game modes.
- Highly addictive gameplay.
- Smooth tilting and easy controls.
- Compatible with all Android devices.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Apr 16, 2018
Android 4.0 or higher

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