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Bad day? Take a look at these Crazygrams and you'll be OK!

Do you have an idea how much funny images and videos (Crazygrams) the human mind has been able to give birth in the past few years?

No? Me neither.

Can you get through those images and videos without laughing out loud?

Yes? Good for you!

But what are the crazygrams?
They can be identified in various ways:

1) funny pictures and videos
2) hilarious images and videos
3) absurd photo montages and videos
4) die laughing pictures and videos
5) absurd pictures and videos
7) funny pictures with phrases
8) free images and videos
9) funny meme whatsapp images and videos

Crazygram for Android allows you to search and publish funny images and videos in a (perhaps) easier way than other more popular apps

Crazygram lets you:

a) check out the latest crazygrams loaded and say if you like them or not
b) search crazygrams using our superpower (2 hp) search engine
c) search for the Top of the day crazygrams
d) search for the Top of the week crazygrams
e) search for the Top of the month crazygrams
f) search for the Top of the year crazygrams
g) search for the Top crazygrams since 1970
h) search for the worst crazygrams since 1970
i) search for random crazygrams (so you do not see always the same staff and you never get bored)
l) search for appealing crazygrams (you can laugh all you want, it’s free)
m) search for crazygrams published by you (in case of memory problems)

You can also publish crazygrams you found on the internet.

The web is an inexhaustible mine of funny pictures and videos, with millions of people looking for their daily dose of laughter.

Associate a crazytag to your crazygram and the whole world will find them easily! Cool!
You can publish your crazygram in 11 languages!
(English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, French, Russian, Polish, Arabic and Romanian).
You can also take a picture or a video with your smartphone and share it in a few nanoseconds!

Share the crazygrams you like with the most famous app

Crazygrams you like can be also saved in your phone gallery so you can keep on laughing even when you’re disconnected !!!

Do you realize what kind of cheap technology is this????

Crazygram !
Share a funny image or video and have a laugh !!!

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Aug 13, 2017
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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