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Omega365 Ltd. - May 18, 2017


Are you looking for a CRM app (customer management scheduling app) to help book appointments and manage appointments with an easy-to-use appointment scheduler? Would you like a CRM app that can automate your business from the palm of your hand?

★ CRM app designed for independent service providers and small companies(1-10 employees)

★ Appointment scheduler that creates a meetings and notifies clients through personalized SMS in just 3 touches! This scheduling app also automatically remind the client 1 day before the meeting (customizable)

★ Simply track all the information pertaining clients. This includes all the management, events, services, materials, and products that the client requires or has used in the past.

★ Specific working hours and list of services for each employee

★ Online Booking Page - Our exclusive booking page serves as an alternative to building your own website and enables to book a meeting with you online

★ Works anytime, anywhere without relying on internet connection. The data will be restored once you connect to a network is a mobile scheduling app of service. This CRM app is designed for small companies(1-10 persons) to help your business by allowing you to manage employees, clients, manage your calendar and even send txt messages to your clients as meeting reminders. You can set yourself tasks and reminders, and by using appointment scheduler Gnomguru for customer management can get back to running your business or even just having more down-time with your family and friends!

By letting us take care of the details you can focus on the wider picture. We know that customer management can be difficult and time consuming but with Gnomguru it’s a breeze!

A account is required to use Customer Management GnomGuru for Android. You can sign up for a free trial right on the app.

We have designed the app to be so intuitive that you will not spend precious time going through tutorials and trying to learn how to use it. From the very first time that you use GnomGuru appointment scheduler, you can hit the ground running with a scheduling app that is designed to work with you. You can skip all of the time you spend with other apps trying to learn the system and instead get straight into managing your business with our service.

Customer Management GnomGuru assists you with all your scheduling needs: business calendar, SMS notifications, call recorder to keep track of your meetings, sales, income&outcome and client database

This scheduling app is perfect tool for any independent service providers: for hair styler and nail manicure master, for doctors, lawyers, property or real estate brokers, consultants, car service station owners and employees, and machinery repair owners, massage therapists, yoga trainers, music schools, financial institutions, law firms, clinics, counselling centers, freelancers, artists, bands and employees that need to keep track of all business meetings, clients contacts, billing, and more through our CRM app for small business

☆ Build your own database of PERMANENT Clients!
☆ Haven’t heard from a client? Use our report system to find out which clients these are. Client care management is easy with us by your side
☆ Enter Birthdays and other important dates and Gnome will send Personal Text Message Wishes automatically
☆ Manage your inventory and ensure you always have the products you need

√ Customizable, automated and personalized SMS reminders and alerts
√ Set up recurring events in a few touches. For example, 10-day course of massage over a month
√ Maintain all client relationships history on your phone and access before calls and meetings
√ Automatic recovery of all the data (if you change your mobile phone)
√ Clearly identify tasks, actions, meetings, and other events on your schedule by colors
√ Search through days and weeks like a paper notebook

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Current Version
Requires Android
May 18, 2017
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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