Daily ABS Workout
Daily Fitness Lab - Sep 30, 2018


Girls want abdominal muscles(ABS) all the time. But somehow they worries a lot about belly fat. This app “Daily ABS Workout” gonna helps you out of this problem! We get you several systematic training courses, it’s definitely one good choice when we talk about women fitness and abs workout.

Main features of “Daily ABS Workout” are below:

*** Step by step training provided. “Daily ABS Workout” includes three fitness training plans. Each plan is consisted of 30 day courses . From beginner to advancer, all of you can find what you are suitable for. Even people who have no experience about fitness, can find it easy.

*** Voice and animation guide provided. This is for people who are new to physical activities.

*** 100% FREE! No locked features

*** No equipment needed. You can join the ABS workout whenever and wherever you want to.

*** Scientific reports about your calorie consuming and workouts time.

*** Suitable for both beginner and pro

In “Daily ABS Workout”, you will gain a better body for your sweat.

Use it or lose it! Shake your belly fat now, and you will get a perfect ABS

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Sep 30, 2018
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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