Dark Fantasy Arrow Hero: Egypt Dark Army Survival
Play Republic Entertainment - Mar 14, 2018


In this Dark Fantasy Arrow Hero: Egypt Dark Army Survival game, enter the dark fantasy world of ancient Egypt as an arrow hero with magical powers, where dark magical powers now threaten the life on earth as we know it. With dark twisted intention of taking over the world, Sanubara has revived the long buried army of darkness with his dark magical powers to command them so that he could be one undisputed ruler of the world. But where there's darkness, there's always light. Fortunately enough, you have a trick or two up your sleeve as well. With the blessing of priest of the light realm, you have been given a set of special magical weapons, the only weapons that can help you defeat Sanubara's army of darkness and save the world from death and destruction.

In Dark Fantasy Arrow Hero: Egypt Dark Army Survival you play as an unsung hero, and an avenger for the people of the earth who has taken up the task to defend humans from the onslaught of evil forces. Equipped with ancient magical weapons like bow arrow, war axe, and swift excalibur; the fate of the world hangs in your hands. Your task is to eliminate Sanubara's evil guards in each level, and obtain a magical orb and a new weapon to help you fight Sanubara to end his tyranny. Without those magical orbs, you wouldn't be powerful enough to take on Sanubara one on one. So do you have what it takes to save the world, avenge its people and be a true hero?

Dark Fantasy Arrow Hero: Egypt Dark Army Survival features top notch 3D graphics, and offers intense fantasy combat that any fantasy action game enthusiast asks for. The game offers quite a challenge, so you'd really have to come up with strategies and ways to out smart your enemies and save the day. God speed!

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Current Version
Requires Android
Mar 14, 2018
Android 4.0 or higher

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