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Death Shooter 3..

Death Shooter 3..


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Death Shooter is a 3D shoot game.
It's have two modes: Counter Strike and Zombie War.
Different feeling , different modes
how to play:
-equipment silencer will not be found in few times to killer Enemy .
-upgrade your weapon's magazine to increase capacity and reduce reloads.
-upgrade your weapon's scopes to increase damage and zoom.
-upgrade your weapon's silencer to increase critical.
- upgrade levels increase hp max value.
-kill npc before he alert will not spotted.
-bomb coming get behind cover will safe.
-kill star Enemy will get surprise.
Experience more are played in the game.
Enjoy the game!
Zombie War Mode Can Get Money Faster than Counter Strike .
You can get protect time when squat behind cover.
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Additional information

  • UpdatedMay 19,2016
  • Size20.37MB
  • Downloads3,254
  • Current Version1.2.10
  • Requires AndroidAndroid 2.3 or higher