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Deer 2013 Hunte..

Deer 2013 Hunte..

Creation @ UP - August 18,2014

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Welcome to Android deer 2013 hunter!
There are five common methods of hunting. The first method is stand hunting. This is generally the most common method, depending on the terrain. This is done by waiting where deer are likely to travel. Stand hunting is commonly done in an elevated tree stand, but it can be done in a blind on the ground. Tree stands are usually placed 8 to 30 feet above the ground. The stands are made of metal or wood. Stands are often placed at the edge of fields of crops such as corn, wheat, buckwheat, alfalfa, clover, soybeans, cotton and many others. Often, hunters plant crops in strategic locations solely for the purpose of attracting deer. This is known as a food plot. Stands are also placed in the woods on the edge of trails that the deer travel on. Some states allow bait to be placed near these stands to attract the deer. This is different than planting a crop. The most common bait is corn.
There are 3 Games!
Game 1-Deer 2013 Hunter Memory Game. Unfold the block to match similar picture
Game 2-Deer 2013 Hunter Puzzle Game. Swift each block to the correct place!.
Game 3-Deer 2013 Hunter Block Game. Change the block to fit each other.
Once you have completed each levels, you will love this game very much.
Tip on Scoring:
The more block you clear, the more score you will get.
Other features:
You can pause the game and resume later.
We have put the best collection of video of Deer Hunter, cheats and walkthrough. Also include real deer hunting and funny video
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  • UpdatedAugust 18,2014
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  • Requires AndroidAndroid 2.2 or higher