Delve Deep Search Engine
Mic-Apps Ltd - Jan 12, 2018


Delve Deep Search Engine - search multiple web sites in parallel and discover the deep web !

Simply enter a website address to seamlessly extract links, images and emails.
!!! Now with step by step introductory screens !!!

Automatically delve into pre-defined categories, including all top 10 linked pages from google, bing or wikipedia
Search the deep web including search forms and hidden Tor links from the dark web

Interactively identify pages with chosen keywords and dig deeper into any chosen website.

And now find the same search features at

Key features ------------------------------------
- Perform search in real time
- Search for specific keywords
- List all internal and external links
- List all images
- List all emails
- Directly browse links and images within Delve
- Email directly from Delve
- Help to guide users

Search Engine Crawling ------------------------------------
- Delve can automatically search all pages from the top results of Google, Bing and Wikipedia
- Pages can be ranked according to relevance

User Interface ------------------------------------
- Simple user interface
- Compatible with phones and tablets
- Integrated web page viewer for links and images
- Simply click on extracted email to send message

Usage ------------------------------------
- Search for pages with specific keywords within a target website
- Quickly find contact emails within any website
- Search for external website links
- In depth website search and analysis
- Select between a choice of Search Engines, News, Sport, Social Media, Cars, Technology, Music, Movies related web sites
- The perfect complement to your internet searches by drilling down in any identified websites of interest
- Discover the deep web including Tor links

-DELVE- Inventing new ways to search the entire internet universe

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Jan 12, 2018
Android 4.0.3 or higher

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