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Deuces Wild Vid..

Deuces Wild Vid..

Ed Fargo - August 18,2014

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Forget Pokies - Deuces Wild Video Poker is the thrilling new free play Video Poker game that’s set to take the online casino gaming world by storm. Poker and Pokies fanatics alike will enjoy this casino-quality game and, with stunning HD graphics, smooth game play and a huge jackpot of 4000 coins in virtual real money on offer, it’s easy to see why!
This thrilling game is 100% free to download and play, and is in a standard Video Poker format with one very important difference: there are absolutely no Jokers in the 52 card deck but Deuces are totally wild!
The Format
If you’re tired of real Slots with hundreds of complex features and payouts then Deuces Wild Video Poker could be the game for you. Newbies and fans of the simple life alike will appreciate the game’s accessible format and crisp, clear visuals.
Deuces Wild Video Poker is played with a standard 52 card deck, in which the four 2s (or Deuces) are Wild. This works in a similar way to the Wild in a real Slots game and means that if you’re lucky enough to have a Deuce in your hand, you’re able to play it for ANY other card. This makes your chances of hitting a high-ranking hand pretty good! For this reason, the lowest hand in this particular game that pulls in a win is 3 of a kind - unfortunately in the high-stakes world of virtual real money video Poker, a pair of 3s just won’t cut it.
How to Play
Don’t worry if you’re more of a real Slots fan than a Poker player – Deuces Wild Video Poker is easy to learn, easy to play and, best of all, easy to win!
Just like playing Poker in an on-land casino, the basic premise of Deuces Wild Video Poker is to get the best 5 card hand that you can from the deck. The harder the hand is to achieve, the higher it ranks and the more virtual real money you’ll pocket.
The 52 cards are shuffled before they are dealt and you’re able to use the plus and minus controls to select the size of your virtual real money wager and tap ‘Deal’ when you’re ready. You will be dealt 5 cards and must decide which ones to hold and which ones to discard – there’s no limit to how many you can discard. Before you begin a game you have the option to activate the ‘Autohold’ feature, which will make this decision for you. Once you have made your decision, tap ‘Draw’ to be dealt extra cards and fill up your hand. If you’re lucky enough to have a winning hand, you’ll score a payout.
Payouts are on the following hands, in order of rank:
• 3 of a kind
• Straight
• Flush
• 4 of a kind
• Straight flush
• 5 of a kind
• Deuces Royal Flush
• 4 Deuces
• Natural Royal Flush
The jackpot for a Natural Royal Flush (a Royal Flush not involving Deuces) is an outstanding 4000 coins in virtual real money.
The Features
Like many popular Pokies, Deuces Wild Video Poker has an innovative ‘Autoplay’ function, which will automate the whole experience – even down to placing your virtual real money bets – but the thrill you’ll get from landing the jackpot will be all yours!
Similar to a Bonus Gamble Game in real Slots, after each win, you are given the chance to double your winnings. 5 cards will be dealt, one face up (the dealer’s card) and the other 4 will be face down. You select one of the face down cards to reveal, and if it is higher than that of the dealer you double your win. You can continue to double your wins unless the dealer wins, or just collect your virtual real money winnings and carry on with the game.
Forget Pokies, forget classic casino games like Blackjack and Roulette – Deuces Wild Video Poker will keep you entertained for hours, wherever and whenever you choose to play. Download it today completely free of charge – there’s not even any need to practice your Poker face!

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