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SilverSoft Corporation - Apr 29, 2018
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A comprehensive dialer with Contact management, Speed-Dial and Call History systems.

The simplest and fastest dialer for android which comprises with three different systems in one app so that you don't need to install
separate apps for different systems.

DialContact is divided into Four main systems,
1.Contact Management system 2.Speed Dialer 3.Call History and 4.SMS Explorer

Contact Management:
Fastest and easy to use contact management system designed for processing more than 1million contacts.
You can search any contact with the help of QWERTY keyboard by pressing just few keystrokes.
Specially designed keyboard from scratch for fast contact search is helpful to search any contact by its name or phone no.
Also added T9 keyboard along with QWERTY keyboard (Unique feature, only available in this APP on Playstore)
to search any contact by its phone no. It also helps you to dial new phone no. with large font display.
You can also scroll through long list of contacts along with quick search facility within one screen.
Speed Dial:
You can add up to 99 favorite contact numbers to speed dial screen along with their photos and names. You can also just hold the speed dial number from 1-9 to dial your favorite contact number quickly.
Call History:
Get complete call log details of Incoming, outgoing or missed calls with Contact name, phone no., Date and time of call, Duration etc. You can also easily find out the statistical data for any specified contact number.
SMS Explorer:
Now Read SEND add edit delete forward any SMS from dial contact. No need to use any other app for sms management.

Other features of DialContact,
1. Fast and Easy to use.
2. Just slide Right To Call Any number
3. Slide Left To SMS to any number
4. Get complete Incoming, Outgoing, and Missed call details as per any contact number.
5. Combined QWERTY and T9 keyboard in one screen.
6. Search any contact with less than 3 keystrokes.
7. Large Font display while dialing new contact numbers.
8. Can Display more than 1million contact numbers along with photos without slowing down the hardware system.
9. Available in both Portrait and Landscape modes.
10. Provided with more than 50 in-built attractive skins.
11. Filters Call History as per Call type such as Incoming, outgoing or Missed call.
12. Sorts Call History by Name, Number, Date or Duration.
13. Can Find out frequent contact numbers on just one tap.
14. Send SMS with any installed Messenger or with default android SMS Manager.
15. Add, Change or Remove any contact number to Speed-Dial Screen for fast dialing.
16. 12 Options for any number from any screen,
10.Set Ringtone 11.Clear History 12.Add To Speed Dial

17.Direct access to SMS management System.
18. Easily backup and restore your contacts and settings with just one tap.
19. Get Outgoing, Incoming, Missed, Total Calls Count and Duration for any Phone Number.
20. Special keys for Child Lock, Meeting Mode.
21. Quickly launch in-built android apps such as Music, Settings, Camera, SMS, Gallery or WhatsApp from just one key.
22.Available in English, Arabic, Hindi & Marathi.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Apr 29, 2018
Android 4.0 or higher

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