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Digimon VPET..

Digimon VPET..

Gakkle Inc. - March 11,2015

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Miss the days of the Digimon pendant VPets?
Raise your favorite Digimon - Botamon, Agumon, Greymon, Metal Greymon and many more!
Battle your friends - Who can raise the strongest Digimon? Prove you're the ultimate Digi-Tamer!
Max out your stats! - With a huge range of Power-ups available you can make sure you're always the winner!
Join the beta here: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.opengaming.digimon.beta

Bugs? Suggestions?
Post them Here: http://goo.gl/oDscW

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Additional information

  • UpdatedMarch 11,2015
  • Size22.23MB
  • Downloads10,365
  • Current Version0.3.5
  • Requires AndroidAndroid 4.0 or higher