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The app is a complete free handbook of Digital System Design which covers important topics, notes, materials, news & blogs on the course. Download the App as a reference material & digital book for electronics, computer science, electrical engineering programs & degree courses.
This useful App lists 100 topics with detailed notes, diagrams, equations, formulas & course material, the topics are listed in 4 chapters. The app is must have for all the engineering science students & professionals.
The app provides quick revision and reference to the important topics like a detailed flash card notes, it makes it easy & useful for the student or a professional to cover the course syllabus quickly before an exams or interview for jobs.
Track your learning, set reminders, edit the study material, add favorite topics, share the topics on social media.
You can also blog about engineering technology, innovation, engineering startups, college research work, institute updates, Informative links on course materials & education programs from your smartphone or tablet or at
Use this useful engineering app as your tutorial, digital book, a reference guide for syllabus, course material, project work, sharing your views on the blog.
Some of the topics Covered in the app are:
1. Multiple Processes
2. Architecture Body-Dataflow Style of Modeling
3. Introduction to VHDL.
4. VHDL Capabilities.
5. VHDL-Hardware Abstraction.
6. VHDL-Design Units
7. VHDL-Entity Declaration.
8. Architecture Body-Structural Style of Modeling
9. Architecture Body- Behavioral Style of Modeling
10. Architecture Body- Mixed Style of Modeling
11. Configuration Declaration
12. Package Declaration
13. Package Body
14. Model Analysis
15. VHDL-Basic Language Elements- Identifiers
16. VHDL-Basic Language Elements-Data Objects
17. VHDL-Data Types
18. Data Types-Scalar Types
19. Data Types-Scalar Types-Enumeration Types
20. Data Types-Scalar Types-Integer Types
21. Data Types-Scalar Types-Floating Point Types
22. Composite Type-Array Types
23. Record Types
24. Record Types
25. Access Types
26. Incomplete Types
27. File Types
28. Operators
29. Behavioral Modeling-Entity Declaration
30. Behavioral Modeling-Architecture Body
31. Behavioral Modeling-Process Statement
32. Behavioral Modeling-Variable Assignment Statement
33. Behavioral Modeling-Signal Assignment Statement
34. Behavioral Modeling-Wait Statement
35. Behavioral Modeling-Case Statement
36. Behavioral Modeling-If Statement
37. Behavioral Modeling-Null Statement and Loop Statement
38. Behavioral Modeling- Next Statement and Exit Statement
39. Behavioral Modeling-Assertion Statement
40. Behavioral Modeling- Inertial Delay Model and Transport Delay Model
41. Behavioral Modeling-Signal Drivers
42. Behavioral Modeling-Effect of Transport Delay on Signal Drivers
43. Effect of Inertial Delay on Signal Drivers
44. Dataflow Modeling-Concurrent Signal Assignment Statement
45. Dataflow Modeling-Delta Delay Revisited
46. Dataflow Modeling- Conditional Signal Assignment Statement
47. Dataflow Modeling-Selected Signal Assignment Statement
48. Dataflow Modeling-Concurrent Assertion Statement
49. Dataflow Modeling-Block Statement
50. Structural Modeling-Component Declaration
51. Structural Modeling-Component Instantiation
52. Structural Modeling- Resolving Signal Values
53. Packages-Package Declaration
54. Packages-Package Body
55. Design Libraries
56. Design File
57. Implicit and Explicit Visibility
58. Explicit Visibility-Library Clause and Use Clause
59. Subprograms
60. Functions
61. Procedures
62. Subprogram declaration

Each topic is complete with diagrams, equations and other forms of graphical representations for better learning and quick understanding.
Digital System Design is part of electronics, computer science & electrical engineering education courses and technology degree programs of various universities.

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