Dino Pet Racing Game : Spinosaurus Run !!
lnwJuTi - Sep 13, 2017
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Meet Spinosaurus and other ancient dinosaurs in a fun , exciting and realistic race . Who will be the winner of this competition ? Only the faster and tougher racer will pass the finish line first and become the winner . Your dino needs food and training to prepare for the battle with prehistoric racers from different eras such as Tyrannosaurus Rex , Ankylosaurus , Allosaurus , Raptor and much more . Imagine extinct dinosaurs from Jurassic , Cretaceous or other eras running a race again . It will be exhilarating and awe-inspiring !!! Raising your dino is not burdensome , just hunt for foods and collect different delicacies to feed your lovely dino . They will grow and develop awesome new skills such as higher speed and more life power . With strong skills , conquering each race will be a piece of cake .
Spinosaurus information : It’s name means spine lizard in Greek . It is the largest carnivore that has ever been discovered . The fact is this dinosaur mainly fed on fishes and other aquatic preys . The skull of Spinosaurus was long and narrow , similar to that of a modern crocodile . The distinctive spines of Spinosaurus could reach 2 meters tall . It walked on hind legs and have gigantic hands and legs . Spinosaurus is as popular and people in the world know as T-rex . This Spinosaurus will be the main of our free 3D simulation game . There are three stages in this game : Dino raising stage , food hunting stage and racing stage . Everyone , both young and old , will enjoy this adventure racing !!!

★★★ HOW TO PLAY ★★★
- Dino raising stage is where you can feed your favorite dino with meat , fish, steak and other foods that you have collected . The more the dino eats , the faster it will be and the more life power it will have .
- Food hunting stage is where you can collect different foods by tapping on the mobile phone screen to collect each food .
- Racing stage is where you will be racing with other wild dinosaur species by tapping on the mobile phone screen to speed up your dino as well as using TurboSpeed function to boost its speed

- Dino raising , food hunting and raising system
- Character and food upgrade system
- Realistic dinosaur characters , models , terrains and animation
- Item shop system for player’s convenience
- Video reward system to receive free items
- Exciting and melodic special sound effects and music

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Current Version
Requires Android
Sep 13, 2017
Android 2.3 or higher

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