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Too Many - Aug 18, 2014
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Doc McStuffins Game is memory game for children with Doc McStuffins Themes. This application is unofficial game Doc McStuffins, this is just for fans.
* Simple
* Have 4 Level
* 3 New Game, Remember and Match, Slide to Image and Swap to Image

Pleas Enjoy.. it is absolutely free.

Concept of memory game
Memory game can also be referred as concentration game, which helps one to improve their memory by concentrating and focusing. Such games help one to improve their memory and are scientifically proven to be productive. Playing memory games can be just perfect for the kids as they help improve the brain power. It is been said that humans use only a couple of thousands of neurons within their brain in their whole lifetime. But while playing a memory game one may be able to use up to billions or even trillions of such neurons.
Benefits of playing memory games for kids
As mentioned before, playing memory games can be really helpful. There can work wonders to one's brain and increase their brain power. Few of the benefits of playing memory games include:
- Memory games actually provide a healthy exercise to your child's brain. Hence it is advisable that the child gets these exercises at an early age.
- Memory games are known to increase the concentration power of your brain within no time if played regularly.
- Memory games improve brain power of your kids.
- Memory games keep your child's brain active all the time.
- Thus a child who plays memory games regularly may actually stay away from diseases like Alzheimer's or even amnesia as there memory is enhanced and the hormone secretion is balanced with growth of new neurons.
- Memory games provide a positive effect on a child's mind.
- Memory games are totally safe, healthy and free from violence unlike other games which leave parents worried.
- Memory games are been specifically designed to work wonders on your child's mind and brain.
- Memory games are designed for children specifically in the age group of 3 to 18 years.
- Memory games boost up your child's brain functionality and overall enhances their reasoning and cognitive skills.
- Memory games may help your child to improve his academic performances.
Doc McStuffins are not in any way associated with the or claim ownership of any of the content included in this app. The photos and images used with this software are controlled and owned by their respective owners. There is no direct association with this content and it must be considered a fan app and nothing else otherwise
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Aug 18, 2014
Android 2.2 or higher

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