Dorsal Quiz - Football
Kroapp - Sep 24, 2017


If you like football you are lucky, comes "Dorsal Quiz 2018 - Football" full of new features and new game modes, now you choose how to play, classic mode, quiz mode or 2 player mode, what do you expect to play one of the best football games?

New Game Modes:
-Mode 2 Players:
The 2 players must put the phone in front and sit next to each other, each one will have 4 buttons on their side of the screen, in the center of the screen will appear the shirt of a player of any soccer team with his number, the first of the two players that knows which football player corresponds that number should press the button on his side, the sooner he scores the more points he will win, a player can win maximum 3 points when he hits fast, and 2 or 1 points if he takes to hit , but beware, if the player fails you will lose a point, so be careful with your answer. So you know, start playing with your friends in two player mode

-Model Quiz:
In this new game mode of soccer will appear the shirt of a soccer player with his dorsal next to four answers, only 1 is correct, you will have to answer fast because the sooner you make the more points you will get and be careful, if you take too long you can to get to lose points even if you hit correctly, the results in this game mode go like this: Quick hit + 3p Half / + 2p Normal + 1p / Slow + 0p / Very slow -1p / -2p.
In this game you can get many coins that you can use in the classic mode, each point will be 1 coin extra you win at the end, do not worry if you get a negative result, you will never subtract coins

Then there is the classic mode of Dorsal Quiz football 2018, explained below.

Play now and start learning all the numbers of the soccer players' shirts, there are shirts of teams from all countries and cities like Madrid, Barcelona, ​​psg, Juventus, Manchester, etc.

You will not need online connection, you can play wherever you want because it is an offline game

And how do you prefer to play alone or with several players? Pass, shoot and score goals without leaving the sofa with this free game

Dorsal Quiz - Football is the game where you have to guess which player owns each column.
The more numbers you guess will unlock more levels, each level contains 12 lats from the same football team.
For each number that correctly predict earn 1 coin that you can not spend it on tracks when you get hit a cord.
You also earn one star for every successful dorsal, few have more will unlock more levels
Each level has a different team.

Every day you enter will receive a reward "Daily bonus" to pick just have to click on.

Which team would you like to appear in future versions? Write it in the assessment and we will consider it for future updates

Dorsal Quiz - Football is available in many languages Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese, French and German.

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