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Vault Productions - Apr 28, 2017
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Destroy all the dragons!

Fighters Dragons again went on the hunt, and you responded to their cry. Are you a real dragon slayer. You need to destroy as many enemies with his bow, before they kill you. Join the battle with the dragons and brutal fight with powerful monsters in the course of a large-scale campaign against the forces of evil. Get new characters and collect just unreal prey passing game in various modes.
 Many years ago, fearless powerful heroes ruled these lands. But then envious dragons killed heroes. And now, the heroes almost gone. Only you can gather those who remained, and turn the unit in different color an invincible army. Explore the world of the original fantasy creatures, making your way to the top, freeing the characters and conquering the evil in its path!

Heaven became bloody, black water, and desert land. Your kingdom fell into the hands of fire-breathing dragons! Everywhere now the reign of fear and the fire dragons. There has come the last chance to restore the former glory of defeating these monsters. In this game, you join a relentless battle against the dreaded army of dragons. You have to kill every one of them who gets on your way to your glory, to bring back the kingdom. You can use different weapons and shields. You can attack with a dagger, spear, bow and arrow, you can shoot down the flying monsters and dual crossbows crossbows. You can use royal or celestial shield for protection against fire attacks.
 Choose one of three characters: Warrior, Archer or Mage. Each of them has its pros and cons. At a more detailed sight warrior, archer shoots two arrows, and the magician's fastest recharge. Fantastic game will immerse you in a medieval world where dragons live fighters. Only you can save his kingdom from the fierce dragons.

Unleash powerful magic
Imposes deadly spells and avoid the flaming breath, bites, blows tail and claw dragon bosses. Destroy dragons!

Show everyone who's killer dragons!

- Lots of fantastic characters
- Quick exciting battle
- Amazing graphics
- Ability to compare points in the battle with the achievements of friends
- Free Game
- Sophisticated physics
- 3 classes of characters
- Free game

How to play:
Tap on the screen, wait for your character take up arms against the dragon, release your finger. If you are properly aimed, the projectile falls exactly on target.

For any questions and suggestions please contact us in the group and comments, good game !;)

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Current Version
Requires Android
Apr 28, 2017
Android 2.3 or higher

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