Dream Fish
DreamWeaver Labs, LLC - Aug 26, 2016


Welcome to Dreamfish!
Fill up your fish tanks with your very own Dream Fish! Decide what fish to grow, sell and breed!
Raise beautiful baby Clown Fish, feed them to see them grow, and decorate your tanks with exotic tropical plants and sea reefs!
Who needs real fish when you have Dream Fish! These fish live all together in peace and harmony easily within your fish tank! Dream Fish never truly die! Just revive them and they will be as good as new!

But what do you get when you breed:
Rainbow Darter + Clown Fish = ?
Bluetail Unicornfish + Yellow Longnose = ?
Leafy Sea Dragon + Longfin Bannerfish = ?

Can you create every Dream Fish combination possible? Download Dream Fish for FREE now!

5/5 " I got this for my 4 month old. When she is a little cranky I open this app and she loves to watch the fish swim around! And I enjoy the competition of the Events!"
5/5 "I honestly love this game. Me & my whole family plays this game daily.. LOVE IT"
5/5 "Dream Fish Is a relaxing game"
5/5 "Love this game, it's addicting, fun and you breed different fish for cool offspring. So try it and you'll be hooked lol."
5/5 "Nice and fun game my brother got me hooked on to this game I have lots of fish... this game is awesome I love it'.........:-) :-) :-)"

✓Hundreds of exotic marine life including killer whales, sharks and sting rays!
✓Buy, feed, love, sell and revive your fish to gain experience!
✓Breed your fish to your heart's content and for extra coins!
✓Level up to 80 tanks and 80 levels!
✓Dozens of backgrounds including Atlantis and Stonehenge FREE!
✓Hundreds of decorations and plants: sea reefs, caves, mermaids, sunken ship, castles and more!
✓Visit friends tanks, help clean them and level up to become "featured" neighbor tanks!

** Please note that this free app contains optional paid content that can be purchased on demand. You can disable in-app purchases by adjusting your device’s settings. **

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Current Version
Requires Android
Aug 26, 2016
Android 3.2 or higher

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